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7th Annual GRASFI Conference at Singapore Management University

2-4 September 2024

Registration is open and the conference schedule is available with links to research papers.

Conference Schedule

Review the upcoming schedule for the 2024 Annual Conference, including links to papers to be presented.

Member Universities

Discover our Alliance of universities engaged in research and teaching in Sustainable Finance and Investment.

Research Papers

A collection of research papers in Sustainable Finance and Investment, presented at GRASFI events.

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Reach out to us if your university is interested in joining our Alliance.


We are the Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment

The Alliance was founded in 2017 by a network of global research universities in order to promote rigorous and highly impactful academic research on Sustainable Finance and Investment.

Our Member Universities

Our Alliance of Member Universities represents a collective effort to promote research and postgraduate education in Sustainable Finance and Investment.

Recent Academic Papers

Throughout our Annual Conferences, a number of academic papers are presented. Additionally, we share other journal publications associated with our Member Universities.

Authors: Zhimin Chen (Swiss Finance Institute)
Presenters: Zhimin Chen
Authors: Lara Spaans (Utrecht University), Jeroen Derwall (Maastricht University), Joop Huij (Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management) and Kees Koedijk (Utrecht University)
Presenters: Lara Spaans (Utrecht University)

Our Partners and Sponsors

Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us or sponsoring an upcoming Annual Conference.

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