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16:00- 17:30

Annual General Meeting of GRASFI Member Universities

Location: Singapore Management University: Seminar Room 4-1 (Level 4)

We encourage all faculty and students of GRASFI Member Universities to join us for our Annual General Meeting either in person at the conference or virtually via the zoom link provided. Remember that each Member University gets one vote: please make sure we know ahead of time who will be voting on your University’s behalf.

Agenda (detailed agenda to be provided closer to the time)

  1. Report from Co-Chairs of the Board
  2. Report from Conferences Committee
  3. Report from PhD Committee
  4. Report from Executive
  5. Proposed change(s) to Articles of Association – vote
  6. GRASFI Board changes: Nominations and voting
    1. Board retirements
    2. Nominees for Board
    3. New members for the Conferences Committee and PhD Committee
    4. New Subcommittee: Scientific Committee for reviewing papers for the Annual Conference
  7. Any other business
Meeting ID: 880 0038 4456
Passcode: 044899

Papers Presented: 

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