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Annual Conference
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Authors: Xiaoyan Jiang (Harvard Business School), Shawn Kim (The University of California, Berkeley) and Shirley Lu (Harvard Business School)
Presenters: Shawn Kim (The University of California, Berkeley)
1 December 2023
Authors: Yuxia Zou (Nanyang Technological University), Xi Li (London School of Economics and Political Science) and Jenny Chu (University of Cambridge)
Presenters: Yuxia Zou (Nanyang Technological University)
1 August 2023
Authors: Lisa Sachs, Nora Mardirossian, and Perrine Toledano (Columbia Center for Sustainable Development)
Presenters: Lisa Sachs (Columbia Center for Sustainable Development)
4 July 2023
Authors: Ghassane Benmir (London School of Economics), Ivan Jaccard (European Central Bank), Gauthier Vermandel (Polytechnique
Presenters: Ghassane Benmir (London School of Economics)
15 June 2023
Authors: Rui Zhong (University of Western Australia), Jing Yu (University of Sydney), Zacharias Sautner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), Xiaoyan Zhou (University of Oxford)
6 June 2023
Authors: Javier Ojea-Ferreiro (Bank of Canada), Juan Carlos Reboredo (University of Santiago de Compostela), Andrea Ugolini (University of Malin-Bicocca)
Presenters: Javier Ojea-Ferreiro (Bank of Canada)
6 June 2023
Authors: Pauline Cizmic (Université Paris-Dauphine), Anna Creti (Université Paris-Dauphine), Marc Joëts (IESEG School of Management)
Presenters: Anna Creti (Université Paris-Dauphine)
5 June 2023
Authors: Laurent Millischer (Joint Vienna Institute), Chenxu Fu (Asian Development Bank Institute), Ulrich Volz (SOAS, University of London), John Beirne (Asian Development Bank Institute)
Presenters: Ulrich Volz (SOAS, University of London)
5 June 2023
Authors: Rob Bauer (Maastricht University), Bin Dong (Maastricht University), Peiran Jiao (Maastricht University)
Presenters: Bin Dong (Maastricht University)
5 June 2023
Authors: Mareike Worch (University of Munich), Mennatallah Balbaa (University of Munich)
Presenters: Mareike Worch (University of Munich)
5 June 2023
Authors: Florian Berg (MIT), Julian Kölbel (University of St. Gallen), Roberto Rigobon (MIT), Anna Pavlova (London Business School)
Presenters: Roberto Rigobon (MIT)
5 June 2023
Authors: Ehsan Azarmsa (University of Oklahoma), Joel Shapiro (University of Oxford)
Presenters: Ehsan Azarmsa (University of Oklahoma)
5 June 2023
Authors: Martijn Cremers (University of Notre Dame), Tim Riley (University of Arkansas), Rafael Zambrana (University of Notre Dame)
Presenters: Tim Riley (University of Arkansas)
5 June 2023
Authors: Florian Heeb (MIT), Florian Berg (MIT), Julian Kölbel (University of St. Gallen)
Presenters: Florian Heeb (MIT)
5 June 2023
Authors: Ellen Quigley (University of Cambridge)
Presenters: Ellen Quigley (University of Cambridge)
5 June 2023
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