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HomePaperClimate transition risks and financial stability

Climate transition risks and financial stability

6 June 2023
Authors: Javier Ojea-Ferreiro (Bank of Canada), Juan Carlos Reboredo (University of Santiago de Compostela), Andrea Ugolini (University of Malin-Bicocca)
Presenter: Javier Ojea-Ferreiro (Bank of Canada)

We assess how climate transition risk, through its effects on asset prices, could impact financial stability. We introduce three systemic risk metrics: climate transition expected returns, climate transition value-at-risk, and climate transition expected shortfalls, which account for average and tail effects for the value of financial firms from climate transition scenarios in which asset re-pricing impacts widely differ. We find that European banks and real estate firms experience the highest and lowest systemic impacts from a disorderly transition, and that the cost of rescuing more risk-exposed financial firms from climate transition losses is relatively manageable.

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