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Communication and Perception
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Authors: Joel Houston (University of Florida), Sehoon Kim (University of Florida) and Boyuan Li (University of Florida)
Presenters: Boyuan Li (University of Florida)
29 February 2024
Authors: Maurice Dumrose (University of Kassel), Julia Eckert (University of Kassel), Daniel Engler (University of Kassel), Gunnar Gutsche (University of Kassel) and Bernhard Zwergel (University of Kassel)
Presenters: Daniel Engler (University of Kassel)
1 February 2024
Authors: Emanuele Campiglio (University of Bologna), Jérôme Deyris (SciencesPo), Davide Romelli (Trinity College Dublin) and Ginevra Scalisi (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies)
Presenters: Emanuele Campiglio (University of Bologna)
1 February 2023
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